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Directory Lister is the easiest way to expose the contents of any web-accessible folder for browsing and sharing. With a zero configuration, drag-and-drop installation you'll be up and running in less than a minute.

Directory Lister is created and maintained by Chris Kankiewicz (@PHLAK) with help from community contributions.


  • Simple installation allows you to be up and running in less than a minute.
  • Light and dark themes to suit your professional needs or personal style.
  • Custom sort ordering gives you control of the ordering of your files/folders.
  • File search helps you locate the files you need quickly and efficiently.
  • File hashes instill confidence when downloading files through verification.
  • Readme rendering allows exposing the contents of READMEs directly on the page.
  • Zip downloads for fetching an entire directory of files in a single action.
  • Multi-lingual support brings Directory Lister to the language of your choice.


  • Directory Lister requires PHP >= 7.4
    • The Zip extension is required for zip downloads
    • The DOM and Fileinfo extensions are required for README rendering


  1. Download Directory Lister
  2. Extract the zip/tar archive
  3. Copy extracted files/folders to your web server


  1. Copy .env.example to .env
  2. Edit the configuration values in .env

See the Configuration Documentation for more information.


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A list of changes can be found on the GitHub Releases page.


See the Help & Support section of the documentation for troubleshooting instructions.

For general help and support join our GitHub Discussion or reach out on Twitter.

Please report bugs to the GitHub Issue Tracker.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.